1:1 mentoring, empowering self belief that you are good enough, client relationships and photographing sessions are what I LOVE!! The culling/editing and desk time not so much.. SO I would absolutely LOVE to help you with your confidence share my tips and tricks, help you overcome any fears or limiting beliefs that you're not good enough to be successful.

Lets make it all FUN!

Over the years I have developed a shooting style that is enjoyed by so many. I have experienced photographing many personalities and created ways to help sessions with clients feel more relaxed and fun. I believe it's these enjoyable sessions and client relationships are what makes this process fun for both myself and the families I have worked with.

“Mentoring with Sharnelle has done amazing things for my business, my mindset, my fear, creativity, motivation, self-esteem and self-confidence. I finally feel like I'm on the right path, and I'm not alone finding my way in the dark.”

Let's take it slow. Let's get to know you, what you would like help with and most importantly how I can help you.

I have structured this program into 3 parts so we can work on different areas and re-cap to finalise everything we've learnt to keep you moving forward.

Session 1

Let's talk. What's working, what's not working, what's holding you back? This is a discovery session to talk all about where you are and how I can help you to keep moving forward.

We will also talk about session 2, about communication with our clients, our session with them and how you'd like to learn.

Session 2

YAY!! My favourite!

The photo session. This is where we get to feel the true confidence from behind the camera. See and feel the process from start to finish. We might experience things not going our way and how we can move from that or turn it into something that works for this session. I will give direction and talk through the process. Help you with tips when I can tell people are feeling anxious. You will also leave with a bunch of photos you'll be excited to load onto your computer and start editing!! WOOHOO.

Session 3

A time to reflect. A time to work through any other scenarios you might have on your mind.

We will run through everything we have learnt and really set everything in stone so you feel like you have direction, a plan and the confidence to communicate and direct sessions for those 5 star reviews and amazing photos.

Are you feeling ready to invest in you, feel inspired, invest in your business and see growth!?

For a short amount of time I will be offering this mentoring program out for just


Normally $1600

Wanting a one off 1:1 session?

YES! Let's do it!

Wanting to experience a little into what it might be like to work with me? Plus build a supportive community around you and more belief in what you do. It's as easy as coming to my workshop, 'Better Together' a space where we all belong, a space where we are all equal and by lifting ourselves and each other you will discover your knowledge, the value in YOUR work and what YOU do.

Better Together

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