Hi, I am Sharnelle. I really do love being creative but in my 12 years of being a photographer I still have trouble writing about myself, lets try keep this short and sweet!

Firstly, I am a wild/crazy/fun/loving wife + Mum of two awesome boys Ollie (5) and Arlo (3). I love to build connections, explore nature, dance, journal, laugh, love and simply just chill!

I see the world in pictures; I see the photo long before I take it. Growing up I would have never dreamed of making my hobby my job, but now I couldn’t see it any other way. One of my greatest loves about this career is that it grows with me and as my life journey develops so does my work.

Behind the lens, I’m a very intuitive person. I have a very relaxed nature but in saying that, I love to bring a lot of energy and fun into my sessions. However, if I feel like things need to just go with the flow or for it to be mellowed down that’s what we do. In this sense I really do just take each session as it comes. I believe everyone is beautiful just they way they are and I just want to bring that out in everyone to help them see what I see too.

Personally, I am a deep thinker (I feel like this trait comes from being a creative) I honestly see so much beauty in so many things such as connections, emotions, success, passion and love to name a few. I feel most content in open spaces be it the beach, out on the farm or climbing mountains. I really do feel so lucky to have a job that gives me so much fulfilment in being able to witness and capture all of the above. 

Honestly I really just want to use this space to say thank you for taking an interest in me and my work! I’d love to hear from you, tell me some of your interests maybe? What can I capture for you.

spiritual photographer Sharnelle Lewis

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